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I LOVE VAGINA or I HEART VAGINA logo is one of our Companies Classic designs.  These booty shorts are fun for Clubbing or showing others your Love of Vagina.  It's a great choice for Pride! I Love Vagina Diary of a Vagman shirt.  However you want to say it...just Bark at Vagina! Buy a lot of these stickers and put them up every where. These are Ozzy and Vagman approved.  Perfect for any Vagman or Ozzy fan.  Wine is Fine, but Vagina is better
Our Price: $15.00
2 IN THE PINK, 1 IN THE STINK, SHOCKER shirt.  This Epic shirt is the Classic Shocker shirt.  For those that know the 'Shocker', know it's kick ass.  
Hold 'Her' like a bowling ball.  It's basically a party in her pants. High-end Burnout shirt that's super comfortable.  It's the beginning of Vagina Couture.   It has the Retro I Love Penis logo.  It's double sided.  This shirt will not shrink since it's been burned out. The Classic punk rock band the Ramones inspired our own I Love Vagina Crew version.  This shirt is perfect with your converse Chucks and 501 Jeans.
Our Price: $20.00