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I Love Vagina Charity Wristband on the front and Save A Vagina on the back.  i heart vagina charity wristbands, ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer charity, ovarian cancer research, Vulva, cervical cancer, vagina awareness bracelets,  rock festivals High-end Burnout shirt that's super comfortable.  It's the beginning of Vagina Couture.   It has the Retro I Love Penis logo.  It's double sided.  This shirt will not shrink since it's been burned out.
2 IN THE PINK, 1 IN THE STINK, SHOCKER shirt.  This Epic shirt is the Classic Shocker shirt.  For those that know the 'Shocker', know it's kick ass.  
Hold 'Her' like a bowling ball.  It's basically a party in her pants. Loose Lips, Sink Ships, sailor girl logo.  From the 'old school military phase' when guys would talk strategy to Hookers in enemy ports.  It is also fitting for I Love Vagina.  So ladies..'KEEP IT TIGHT, KEEP IT RIGHT!'
Our Price: $23.00